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Covered in apostolic fire and saturated in the anointing of spiritual parents, the Understanding Your Process series has the potential to bring out the character in you that God Himself created, and remove everything else.

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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Fivefold Ministry Resource Center
Everything you ever needed to know about the Fivefold Ministry

COURSES AUDIOS (All Audios in Real Format. )
The Fivefold Ministry Course Who put you in Charge?
A concise overview of the Fivefold ministry, how they function together and how to identify your place as a Fivefold Minister in the church. A good honest look at leadership and the one defining secret every successful leader knows.
Ministers Questions and Answers Forum Leadership: Servanthood (Follow up from Pastoral Leader)
Its not every day when you can ask an Apostle for clear understanding of your calling and the Word. This forum is a treasure to anyone seeking answers regarding practical ministry application and understanding of the scriptures.

The Pastor is not exempt from training for his ministry office. Understand and identify this training in your own calling.

Taken from our Pastoral Teaching Courses.

Free Mini Apostolic Course The Praise Project
A summary of all the highlights in our Apostolic Courses. Know what an apostle is and if you have such a calling. Know and understand your next step in this call. Do not be ignorant of the Praise Project! Transforms ordinary days to fantastic experiences!
Free Mini Prophetic Course OTHER WEBSITES
A power packed summary of what a prophet is, does and how it lines up with your own calling. Our most popular mini course. Get a taste of the teachings we cover in our fully fledged courses.

Article Archives.

Powerful free teachings covering every aspect of Ministry, Leadership and your Christian Walk. (Also available on AMi Library)

Free Mini Dreams and Visions Course
Everyone dreams. But can you interpret God's message in your dream? The steps are simple to follow and will arm you with knowledge you never had before. Dream Interpretation will be a simple process from the moment you begin to receive the lessons.  


Telephone: (+1) 760 466 7679 (9am - 4pm PST, Weekdays only)
5663 Balboa AVE #416
San Diego

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