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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Pastoral Training Course 

Text Book for Course: The Pastoral Training by: Colette Toach
Course Author: Denise Jordan
Duration: 12 Weeks

It's Not as Easy as it Looks

There is no end of advice for Pastors in the Church today. Sit down with any church goer and you will find that everyone has an opinion on how their pastor could do it "better." Just a moment in this position though reveals that it is not as easy as it looks!

Not only must the Pastor watch over the souls of God's people, but he is responsible to lead, instruct and carry each one into maturity. The Pastor is a true "Jack of all Trades" and this course gives you exactly what you need to perfect them all!

This course take the pastoral calling not just from the perspective of the Pastor's position in the church today, but from the perspective of one of the Fivefold Ministry.

Because of the common understanding of the Pastoral calling many forget that it has it's place in the Fivefold Ministry. And so just as the prophet or apostle goes through phases of preparation and training - so does the pastor!

If God has called you to lead His people, then regardless of where you think your call is... you need a Pastor's heart! This course will not only lay out the clear training that God takes His Pastors through, but it will also equip you with practical knowledge that you can use right away.

  • What a call to be a pastor looks like
  • It is not good enough to answer the call - you need to walk it out to be effective.
  • Unless you know how to present the revelation that God has given you effectively, you will not succeed as a Pastor. This means learning to preach and teach!
  • Clear understanding between the difference between preaching and teaching.
  • How to walk out the Pastoral office that God has called you to.
  • Develop the true character of the Pastor

This is not a theological study of the Pastor - rather it is a "hands on" training course that will transform your character into the Pastor God has called you to be!

Pastoral Training Course Lessons:
Pastoral Training Lesson 1: Getting on the Bus With Pastoral Training
Receiving the Call
Pastoral Training Lesson 2: The Work of the Holy Spirit
Character Change
Pastoral Training Lesson 3: The Pastor's Heart
Stretched During Pastoral Training
Pastoral Training Lesson 4: Your First Phase of Training
Leadership Training
Pastoral Training Lesson 5: Your Second Phase of Training
Personal Training
Pastoral Training Lesson 6: Your Third Phase of Training
Naturalistic Training
Pastoral Training Lesson 7: The Lion and the Lamb
Becoming the Lion and the Lamb
Pastoral Training Lesson 8: The Pastor Teacher
What Sets the Pastor Apart in the Fivefold Ministry
Pastoral Training Lesson 9: Preaching Preparation
Course of Action Before the Preaching Begins
Pastoral Training Lesson 10: Putting it All Together
Making Knowledge Practical
Pastoral Training Lesson 11: What Your Mother Never Told You About Ministry
The Unadulterated Truth About the Work of the Ministry

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