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FINANCES. What We Believe

Plugging Into His Power

Colette Toach
Apostle and Spiritual Mother
Apostolic Movement International

Plug points look different all over the world. Where I grew up in South Africa, the plugs are huge in comparison to the ones in the United States. The plug has three prongs and I came to experience the power of all of them one sunny summer’s day.

My mother was trying to plug in an appliance but the plug point was in an awkward corner. Being so tiny she asked me to squeeze under the table, to plug it in for her. Crawling on my hands and knees I reached out with the plug to put it into place.

Grasping it tightly I did not realize that I had wrapped my fingers neatly over all three prongs as I plugged it into the wall. The minute the metal slipped into the socket, a full 220 volts streamed through those prongs - me being the earth connection.

I got a lesson on the power of electricity first hand that day. The power coursed through my entire body. Fortunately I had the sense to jump back before any real damage was done.

I tell you what; I got one healthy dose of respect for the electrical current coursing through the conduits of our house that day.

It is quite incredible actually. Right within the brick and mortar of our homes runs an incredible power. It is a power that can make generators turn and make lights burn brightly. We take it for granted as much as we take the power of God for granted in our lives.

The Power of God

God contains all of the power in the world. The kind of wattage He gives out cannot be measured by any human instrument. Yet how do we tap into this power? The power that He has can heal you of any disease. It can set you free of any financial struggle.

It is this power that can turn an entire nation. The power that He contains had the ability to zap the Red Sea and cause it to part. Just an aim in the right direction and He could burn a message on a wall with His very finger. God is charged!

He is all powerful and the best part is that we have been given access to that power. So how do we access it?

We lived in a part of Mexico once that was close to a facility that provided electricity to most of Baja California as well as to a portion of Southern California in the States. If the night was clear you could literally hear the buzz of electricity in the night sky.

Now if I wanted to get a hold of that power, it would have been rather stupid of me to walk up to that power plant and try to tap into it using my bare hands. Had I tried that, I would not be here sharing my story with you right now.

No, the way to tap into that power is universal. You need to tap into it through cables and wires. The kind of wires that run electricity to your house. Now I am hardly an electrician or an expert on electricity, but I know a thing or two on how to tap into the greatest power of all.

When you look at the great power of God, the worst mistake that you can make is to think that you can simply take hold of it with your own hands and works. You could try, but you will not find much success. God is gracious though and He has made a way for us!

Just like the electrical company has set up all the cabling we need, so also has the Lord given us something to tap into His power. This ability is called very simply…faith.

Faith is the conduit for His power! While God is the power plant with unending electricity, it is the simplicity of faith that is the copper wiring that taps into that power.

This is a force of nature that has been with us since the very beginning. Just like gravity is a fact, so also is faith a fact of life. Faith is the hidden secret to tapping into the kind of power that will launch your ministry, heal your body and change your life!

How Much do you Need?

So how much faith do you need to start plugging into that power and seeing some fruit of it in your life? Well answer this for me. How much wiring does it take to make an electrical connection?

During science class at school we made a simple electrical circuit using a battery and a little bulb.

You know, it did not take a very large wire to conduct enough electricity to make the bulb burn brightly. In our human minds we always feel that we do not have enough faith!

How much faith did Jesus say that we needed? Well according to the Lord, if we just have faith as a mustard seed you could tell a mountain to be plucked up and cast into the sea (Matt 17:20).

Now I have traveled to Switzerland and seen the mighty Alps. When I looked at the glory of those huge mountains, I could not imagine any problem in my life that was larger than that!

In our minds, we think that we need to have faith the size of a mountain to move a mustard seed!

I know that sometimes your problems feel like a mountain, but let me share a bit of truth with you today. You just need a mustard seed. The power of God is like the power of the atom bomb. It takes the splitting of the tiniest molecule to cause the most incredible damage.

So let me tell you, that if you have just a little faith, a tiny sliver of faith – then you have enough to start with! You see, the problem is not the faith. The problem is that you are not getting plugged into God! You are not using the portion of faith you already have.

If you are already using the faith you have, perhaps the problem lies in the fact that there is a break somewhere along the line.

Get Plugged In

If you had enough faith to believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and has saved you from your sin, then you have enough faith to move a mountain. You have enough faith to heal a sickness. You have enough faith to deal with a financial problem.

Your faith might look like a thin little copper wire, but it is all that you need to conduct the power of God!

Once you can stop tripping over your own spiritual feet and realize that you already have what you need to access all the power of God, you can begin moving forward. I would say that one of the greatest obstacles that stand in our way is not limited faith, but the size of our unbelief!

We have more faith in our unbelief than in the power of God. Crazy isn’t it? You keep striving thinking to yourself, “Oh if only I had enough faith.” You begin to think that if only you believed enough and had faith enough, that you could somehow reach up to God.

You have begun to have faith in your faith instead of faith in the power of God!

Not long ago there was a problem with the power plant I just told you about. Someone made a mistake and turned off the power to a large circuit. As a result many people had no electricity!

Now tell me something. Was there something wrong with the plug points in their homes? Was there perhaps something wrong with the miles of electrical cabling stretching over the cities? No, the cables were all in place. You see, it is not the cables that produce the power. The cables simply carry it!

In the same way, it is not your faith that creates the power of God. It simply carries that power! Your faith should not be in the cable or in your ability to believe. Your faith should be in Jesus Christ and the price He paid to make this incredible power available to us through His blood.

Child of God, I want to rattle your thinking today. So often we try hard to make our cable look good. We sort out our plug points and then we think that because we have worked hard that this will produce the results. No, the results come from the throne room of God.

When your faith is in HIM, then a huge load will lift from your shoulders. If you are not experiencing the power of God, then the answer is simple. Either you are not plugged in, or there is something along your faith line that is not allowing the flow of power through.

So let us leave the miracles and the power in the hands of God. That brings a rest doesn’t it? I do not care how big your electrical cable is, but if it is not plugged into the power source, nothing is happening.

So I invite you today to bring along the portion of faith that you have for this little ‘science experiment.’ I am not asking you to bring all your ability and all your great faith. Bring with what you have and let us begin with that.

Begin to Cling

So how do you get plugged into the Lord? If you have read the Way of Blessing you would have learned already that faith is based on a person. Jesus is the anchor of your faith. He is like the plug point that I told you about. He is the mediator between God and man. He is what makes it all happen.

You and I might not be perfect. We mess up, say things that we should not. As a day passes us by we look over it and realize that there were a few moments where we were not walking in the spirit. Ok now…be honest with me. There were MANY moments where you did not walk in the spirit! So now did you lose the power of God? Has this taken away your faith?

That is like saying, “Well I forgot to clean my house today, so therefore the electricity will no longer work!” Faith is a force. It is constant when we are not. The power of God is there to be plugged into whether we deserve it or not!

Jesus did not die for us because we deserved it. He did it because He loves us. This has not changed. If He went to such great lengths for you when you were a sinner, don’t you think that He would do even MORE for you now that you are His precious child?

When that little revelation ‘clicks’ in your spirit then you can reach out and cling to Jesus. Could it really be that simple? You know, when my son was just 2 years old, he realized that if he pressed certain buttons on his toys they would light up. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to get the concept. If you plug in, power comes.

This does not take a great understanding of doctrine. It takes simple faith. All you need to do is reach your hand out and to cling to Jesus. Not because you deserve it. Not because you earned in. Not because you are even capable. Simply to cling to Him because He reached out His hand to you first.

There were nights that I went to bed feeling so disillusioned. I felt like that I had ruined my entire call in a single day. I reacted to things out of the flesh. I got angry when I should have loved. I had thoughts come to my mind that were hardly sanctified.

As I lay looking into the dark all I could see were the things I had failed at. Then through it I saw the hand of the Lord Jesus reaching down. I could not make excuses or justify my sin. There were no words to justify myself. I could only reach out and cling to His hand.

Right now Jesus is reaching out to you. He does not ask you to come with great faith or intellect. He does not even ask you to come with sinlessness. He just says, “Come”.

I always thought the following verse was referring to the salvation of an unbeliever but I have come to realize that it is a message to us as believers:

“Revelation 3:19 As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

20 Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hears my voice, and opens the door, I will come in to him, and will fellowship with him, and he with me.” (AMIV)

The writer is not talking about unbelievers here. This letter was written to a church. To put it bluntly, the Lord is saying to this church, “Get plugged in!”

The Lord is Knocking

Right now the Lord is standing at your door and knocking. Sure He is in your life and in your heart, but will you let Him into that intimate little room that you have hidden away in the darkness? The Lord is saying, “I am glad that you have allowed me into your heart and made me your Savior, but I want to be more than your Savior. I want to fellowship with you too. I want intimacy.”

How do you get plugged into Jesus? Take the little bit of faith that you have and cling to Him. Open up that door and let Him inside. Forget about trying to “work it up!”

When I was growing up there were times when the house was such a mess! Someone would come knocking at the door and I would be so embarrassed that I would pretend I was not home. Because I felt that if I answered and let them in, they would see that chaos and think badly of me.

How often we treat the Lord the same way. He stands and knocks. He says, “Let me in! Get plugged into me!”

But you look into your heart and you see the mess. You see the things that you are ashamed of. You feel guilt and you struggle with not being good enough. So instead of just letting Jesus in, you say, “Come back later Jesus! I must clean this mess first.”

What you do not realize is that the Lord came BECAUSE your house was a mess. He came so that He could help you clean it up. He came to fellowship with you.

If you want access to the incredible power of the Lord, it begins with simply clinging to Jesus through faith. When I asked the Lord about this entire concept He told me, “I call my children to enter into me through faith, but I want them to stay through relationship.”

Faith is the key that unlocks an incredible changing power and you already have all that you need. So how much faith do you have today? Perhaps just a little mustard seed? Then you have enough to get plugged in to the greatest power of all time.

Do not wait. Stop hiding. Run and cling to Jesus right now! He has all that you need. He has all the power available to wash away every care. Get plugged in and watch that power begin to course through the veins of your spiritual life.

Called to set the Church on Fire!

SURPRISE! The Evangelist is called to more than just reaching the lost! In this second message of the Pattern for the Fivefold Ministry in the Church series, Apostle Colette Toach shows that is far from all an evangelist does... read more


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Response from patty : Good word

Response from ayotunde oduleye : I'm really blessed by this message; but I have a challenge and it's really bothering and disturbing me. I continually struggle against it but to no avail. The more I struggle the more it comes. I need help. I need deliverance. The challenge is vain thoughts, vain imagination, wishful thinking. How do I handle it? How do I deal with it? Thanks for your love. Hope to hear from you soonest.

Response from Metrinah : I am trully blessed to be part of this family. Jesus is Lord!!!!!

Response from Diane : This really blessed me because, God has been trying to me that my faith does not have to be big, but enough the size of a mustard seed faith needed to be excersised more. Thank you Lord for showing me what I needed.

Response from Marian Udemba : I am blessed. I just need to get plugged into the grid of high voltage, Lord Jesus. Thank you

Response from Hletela : Powerful message,thank u

Response from Inem Ikpidungise : This is the most timely article i ever read.
Sometime ago The Lord showed me an illustration of this in a dream about plugging in.Last night as i was talking to God on the floor, an audible voice said,'Have i not said i will teach to prosper and show you the way you should go?'. I quickly remembered Isaiah 48:17-21.
Prolonged health and financial challenges can really short circuit our faith. Bless you

Response from Celia : This word was for me. I thank God for using you to pen my eyes. Glory to God.

Response from Ben Kamwendo : Wow i love this, and so powerful. It was as if i am the source already, just as i am connect to the power source, yes i am. Thank You Jesus for this family. Jesus is Lord!

Response from James : I truly thank god for allowing you prophet to connect with me today in thirtieth on time awesome word from The Lord , I receive every word it was for me exactly what I have experienced , I have been in a horrible pit all through childhood trying to fit in , trying to work hard at being accepted only to be rejected every time ,I would question how hard did I work on it. That's carried over once I accepted The Lord as my savior, my deeds were never good enough ,though this revelation I now realize all I have to do is connect to my power sorce and let the power of God flow through intimacy with him. Not my works,as I read and as I'm typing tears of release began to flow from my eyes like rivers of weather , I thank God for you and I pray that your ministry will soar to greater heights in The Lord amen.

Response from noah olayiwola : great and timely God spoke to me and opened my understanding through this article.May God keep his oil ever fresh on you sir.

Response from Thabile : Ow my! Thank you for such a reviving message . I needed this so very much. Thank you for your love and profound teachings. God bless you :)

Response from Femi Lanre Oke : Good word. Thanks

Response from Femi Lanre Oke : Good word. Thanks

Response from Femi Lanre Oke : Good word. Thanks

Response from Gichuki : Hey mom, do i tell you, it's really some comedy for me how you connected as 'the earth'. Often, one way or the other, most of us have had to learn something in the lines of the electric that way so thanks for really being natural & practical.

On the message: You are just the right instrument of the Lord to make it clear & that straight to the point. I really needed the great reassurance especially after the past i've had, surely it only leaves me with the concrete part of its application. Just as sure, i'll be too sure to share my findings after my end of the bargain is set rolling. Be verily greatly blessed & increased in our Lord Jesus.

Response from Ernest : Am really blessed

Response from Lissett : Thank you for such great teaching. I am blessed to be part of this family. I began a 21 day fasting 4 days ago seeking God and asking him to help me increase in my annointing and my walk of faith and his power in me. I had been expecting an answer by the 21st day of fasting, but as i was walking to class in college i received this message. Then God spoke to my heart and said : « it is my desire to fellowship with my children, if you seek me, you will gind me. I do not need to wait 21 days to show you how much i want you to walk in the fullness of my power, blessings and favor. Tears of joy fell down my cheecks as I walked towards my classroom. Thank you so much for being a tool in the hands of God.

Response from Sandra : Thanks, I, so, needed that! God Bless! Very, very, timely!

Response from P. Wilson : This is a timely message for me. I am forever changed because of the simplicity of it. By sharing your experiences, you make it easier for those who are great thinkers and who find it difficult to let go and let God. It brought clarity and understanding to the dreams I had about plugging into electrical outlets. Thanks for sharing and may your blessings by Christ Jesus be more abundant every day.

Response from Aruwayo Tola : Thank you for a reviving message .
I am truly blessed to be part of this family.
Truly Jesus is the answer

Response from Gyfford : As I read your message, it was as if it was written to me about me. Thank you and God bless

Response from nosipho : Thank you Jesus, this is so powerfull, i am so blessed

Response from Erna : Thank you so much for a wonderful article, much needed info and I appreciate what you are doing, in my life and the lives of other people.
keep up the great work, the time is running out and the days are coming to an end when we will all be caught up in the air to meet our Saviour! I was very blessed by this article!!!

Response from Erna : Thank you so much for a wonderful article, much needed info and I appreciate what you are doing, in my life and the lives of other people.
keep up the great work, the time is running out and the days are coming to an end when we will all be caught up in the air to meet our Saviour! I was very blessed by this article!!!

Response from Kobby : This message is refreshing and reassuring.
May the Lord continue to make you a conduit of power
to affect generations.

+Much blessings
Rev. Kobby

Response from Christina Petrou : I managed to get plugged in again after a long time of being distant from the Lord inside me! Bless you
I remembered the day I surrendered my life to the Lord and how amazing this minute was where I heard His tender voice forgiving me and saw Him on the cross redeeming me I felt like a child carried loved accepted .. happiest moment of my life, which I'm celebrating next Friday!! Unforgettable date January the 24th!!
However I forget it a lot along the way and get back to looking at myself, abilities, burdening myself with looking at my failures, my pride blocks my way .. Reading this message felt like pushing through a wall to get into my heart!! Please lift me up in your prayers as I tend to rely on my own strength easily but thank you Jesus I feel your love again today and acceptance! Thank you for the word I more than needed this push !! My body of Christ I appreciate you!!

Response from Brian : Wow! What an awesome message. I was so blessed.
My faith has been stirred up. Your message has caused
my faith to rise to a new level. What powerful insight from
the prophet. I believe I now have the tools to tap into the
power of God. Can this be so simple! I'm completely
blown away by this prophetic teaching. I myself operate in
the gift of teaching - but this is phenominal.

Response from Emmanuel Baniya : Even though i know that we God gives the ability(power) to do certain things, yet i had the feeling that i have to work it up by sinlessness, long prayers and fastings, i felt frustrated when i see no result. Glory be to God who knows our deepest thoughts and desires this message has changed the mentality i used to have. If he can die for me while i was yet a sinner, i know he will not withold any good thing from me now that i'm his bloved child. MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE USED OF GOD. i'm happy that i met this family

Response from Theodorah : im very happy to be part of this family.

Response from Emem : Wow! This is so timely and i am much blessed by it. It actually reminds me of a scripture that say "and the knowledge of the word of God shall fill the earth like the water covers the sea".
Thank you sir and God bless

Response from Strike : Apostle i thank you for opening our eyes.

Response from Mercedes : Thank you! This was an awesome lesson, the Lord is truly seeking for His body to get plugged in and to tap into the power He gave us for the work of the kingdom. Yet we fail because we let the voices of our failures speak louder than the promises of God. Our past does not dictate our furhter, neother does our beginning dictate our end, those things are already sealed in Christ. All we need to do is by faith step out of ourselves and come to Him. Lord Jesus help your people to plug in to you! That seek you with a refreshed thirst and hunger. Amen

Response from Mercedes : Thank you! This was an awesome lesson, the Lord is truly seeking for His body to get plugged in and to tap into the power He gave us for the work of the kingdom. Yet we fail because we let the voices of our failures speak louder than the promises of God. Our past does not dictate our furhter, neother does our beginning dictate our end, those things are already sealed in Christ. All we need to do is by faith step out of ourselves and come to Him. Lord Jesus help your people to plug in to you! That seek you with a refreshed thirst and hunger. Amen

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