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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Teaching Ministry

Ever sit under somebody with a teaching anointing? They make the word come to life. It becomes fun and exciting. You sit at the edge of your seat, you laugh, you hunger for more and then with a blink of an eye, the sermon is over. Yet, you look at the clock and it’s been nearly two hours!

That is the teaching anointing that you experienced.

Teachers have a way of serving you the Word, that leaves you starving for more. They are those that have taken time to dig into the Word for treasure and when they do, they inspire you to start digging for yourself, “I can’t wait to get into the Word to see what gems I can find. I can’t wait to see what God is saying to ME!”

It is an anointing. Getting you away from that TV or computer and into the Word, that definitely takes anointing!

One of the primary functions of the Teacher is to get God’s Word into the hearts of His people. It is his job to whet their appetites and make the word alive and pliable to their lives. He is also the fivefold ministry that is responsible for changing the mindset of God’s people.

Just as Moses led the Israelites out of captivity and into freedom, the Teacher leads God’s people out of their slave mentality to having the mind of Christ. He leads and instructs them in the way of freedom!

The prophetic movement may be in full swing, but it's the teaching ministry that anchors the Body of Christ with truth. Suspect such a calling or desire to develop this calling in your life?

We are here to put together the pieces you have been missing: The teaching purpose, how to flow in the teaching anointing, signs that confirm your calling, what teaching training looks like, plus much more…

Here at the Fivefold Ministry Training School, we will challenge everything you thought a teacher was.

What Does NOT Identify Somebody as a Teacher?

  • Uses big words that nobody understands
  • Breaks down the "Greek" and "Hebrew" and leaves you thinking, "Wow, what amazing knowledge!"
  • Holds a degree in Theology

Here are a few Signs of the Teaching Calling:

  • You the ability to present truth in new ways that they have never been presented in before.
  • You have a deep hunger for the Word. You are always in it, digging for new treasures.
  • You have a burning desire to see truth presented.
  • You have the ability to instruct all kinds of people. You are not limited.
  • For the other 10 signs of this calling, enroll in the Fivefold Ministry School.

What an exciting anointing to flow in and what an awesome responsibility! However, what is the price of the teaching calling?

Personal Problems!

What else would drive you into the storehouse? The teacher will face so many problems in his personal life that he will begin to dig into the word for answers until he finds them. After some time, he will hold in his hands a storehouse of treasure to hand out… old and new. Sound familiar? If so then, "Welcome teacher! We've been waiting for you."

We want to help you take that storehouse of treasures that you hold and teach you how to pour it out!

Why Train at AMI Fivefold Ministry School?

Not only can we impart knowledge and wisdom and the anointing… we will teach you how to flow in it. I dare say, every question you’ve ever had about the teaching calling, will be answered here.

Every principle, every page of reading, every course that you go through has been lived and tried through the fire. What you get is gold. These are not just principles and teachings that we picked up somewhere from someone, our courses are our own experiences, molded and shaped by God.

We stand ready to impart to you everything that you need to rise up in your Teacher calling. We stand ready to be poured out as a drink offering to see you launched into the Body of Christ. If you are ready to take your training to a higher level, enroll now and I will be right here to welcome you on board...

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Teaching Ministry Degree Recommendations

If your interest is mainly in the Teaching Ministry, then we recommend the following courses to you:

Bachelor of Teaching Ministry

Full credits are required in the following subjects to qualify for a Major in the Teaching Ministry

Minor in Teaching Ministry

Minor in Practical Ministry Studies


Master in Teaching Ministry

Full credits are required in the following subjects to qualify for a Master in the Teaching Ministry

Bachelor of Teaching Ministry

  • All Courses Listed Above in the Bachelor's Degree

Minor in Advanced Ministry

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