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Covered in apostolic fire and saturated in the anointing of spiritual parents, the Understanding Your Process series has the potential to bring out the character in you that God Himself created, and remove everything else.

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FINANCES. What We Believe

The Nature of Man (The Study of Anthropology) Course

Course Author: Colette Toach
Duration: 9 Weeks

What Makes us "Tick"

The doctrine of Anthropology has never been so much fun! Understanding what makes man... man is a leap forward in any ministry call. The reason why you do not always have success in ministry is not because your lack of anointing.

A lot of the time you simply need an understanding of people - something that this course hands to you on a platter. Once you understand what makes people "tick" you will be armed with knowledge that will give the anointing wings!

  • Man as a tr-partate being
  • What makes man so different to animals
  • God's most complex creation - man!
  • The tabernacle - a type and shadow of the structure of man
  • Understanding temperaments
  • What makes you... YOU!
  • How to identify where someone is "coming from."
  • How temperaments work in marriage
  • The 'temperament dynamic" in relationships

There is something powerful about knowing where you have come from, what defines you and also where you "fit in" into God's plan. Not only will you understand how to reach other, but for the first time you will also know why you are the person God has made you to be.

The Nature of Man Course Lessons:
The Nature of Man Lesson 1: Anthropology - the Study of Man
How Man Was Made
The Nature of Man Lesson 2: The Difference Between Man and Animal
Understanding the Hierarchy
The Nature of Man Lesson 3: The Tabernacle
Man as a Tripartite Being
The Nature of Man Lesson 4: The Roots of the Flesh
How We Express Ourselves
The Nature of Man Lesson 5: Expression of Emotions and Will
How we "Let It all Out"
The Nature of Man Lesson 6: The 4 Main Temperaments
Break it Down!
The Nature of Man Lesson 7: Assessing Temperaments
What Makes Anyone "Tick"
The Nature of Man Lesson 8: Temperaments in Relationships
How we "Bounce" Off Others

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